The destination for a dream vacation

South America is a destination that is worth to be seen, not only for its breathtaking scenery but also for its rich culture. There are many locations in South America that are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, due to their high importance to our global history. Here, you will be able to experience almost everything from rocky peaks, lush rainforests, glaciers in Patagonia, ancient ruins of the lost Inca civilization, beaches with white sand, unique colonial towns and many more. South America is amazing both due its ancient vestiges and present time, together with the natural beauties that surround the entire region.

If you wish to experience outdoor adventures like never before, then the rainforest that grew for millennia along the river Amazon, the largest watercourse in the world, will be what you are looking for. Home of unique species, the warm and humid environment, covered by an emerald green, is a must-see. In case you like high altitudes, the Andes Mountains will invite you to explore its peaks and rocky trails. To get the unique sightings of habitats that developed remotely, you need to check out the islands of South America, like the famous Galapagos Island, home to some of the most amazing reptile and bird species. The Iguacu and Angels Falls will also contribute to offering you unforgettable spectacle, created by Mother Nature itself.

South America is also well-known for its ancient ruins. One of the most appreciated sites is Machu Picchu, the remaining of a flourishing Inca civilization, located in Peru, high in the Andes Mountains. Realizing that an ancient civilization managed to build all those structures, which live on even today, without the help of modern technology and at the incredible altitude of 2,430 meters (8,000 ft.), makes shivers go down your spine. But besides Machu Picchu, there are other ancient cities throughout South America, waiting to be discovered. Also, allow the colonial towns to charming you, with their 18th Century look. Like being frozen in time, with streets still being paved with cobblestone, plazas, and gilded churches, these towns can be meet almost over the entire South America — along most of the streets that have construction projects in the works, you will likely see containers for sale to people who need dry storage space that is wind and water tight. Here, you will be able to find markets with products made by the locals, being able to take home with you a piece of authentic South America. Also, the food you will eat in these town is traditional and genuine. So if you really wish to live something unique, don’t miss these small cities.

But there are more to see here, even for the ones that appreciate modern times. South America is the cradle of so many musical styles, like the Argentine tango and Brazilian samba and Colombian salsa. So you will find plenty of dance clubs where you will be able to enjoy these exotic rhythms, right on their native land. If you wish to see the modern architecture of the area, then you must visit Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Bogota, as these are the contemporary gems of South America. If you choose to take a voyage here, you will be surprised at every step you will make.


Experiencing a place like no other

If you are planning your journey for South America then you are surely leading towards awesome memories because fascinating locations of this place will make your tour full of adventure. Many people prefer to travel via aeroplane but the most entertaining tour experience will be gathered by those who prefer to move via ship or boat through sea. Recently so many companies have introduced their cruise tour packages that will lead you towards incredible mainland; you can select your package from most suitable service provider according to your budget and tour plan. Cruise will help you to discover the hidden city of Incas from Machu Picchu mountains range and you will find opportunity to mingle with attractive march of penguins at the beautiful locations of Falkland Islands; thousands of adorable penguins are making their lovely home in this area.

Superior things naturally come to those who love to explore and a holiday tour of South America will give you awesome experience with plenty of things to discover. Whenever we think about journey via boat the amazing experience of region to region travelling start following us and we become able to gather best memories from our tour that is full of entertainment. Voyages offer the most comfortable journey with best facilities in rooms as well as cuisines; some naturalistic and local guides will enrich your knowledge with lectures throughout the way and you will be able to collect huge knowledge about the beautiful area on your way.

South America is one of the great destinations for your holiday tour where you will be able to enjoy breath taking natural views with wonderful dining experience. The only issue we ran into during the trip was when our car got a flat tire during our drive home from the airport; we needed to call a service to come and pick us up off the highway near Cherry Hill, NJ, and then all was fine after that. To remember the voyage, here is a recount of some top attractions of South America that you should not miss from your journey:

  1. Machu Picchu- Peru: One of most beautiful sights of Peru is the beautiful location surrounded by mountains that is well known as Machu Picchu. It is left unpolluted for about hundred years thus possess the most mystical sights that grab attention of all visitors.
  1. Christ the Redeemer- Brazil: It is the other name given to most beautiful and largest city of Brazil that is popular by the name of Rio de Janeiro. There are lots of attractions in this city offering amazing landscapes and here you will be able to see world’s fifth largest effigy of Jesus that ranges up to 30 meters.
  1. Iguassu Falls- Brazil and Argentina: This is one of the top ten well known attractions of South America; here you will be able to explore most attractive natural wonders in terms of Iguazu Falls.
  1. The Amazon Jungle- Peru: Covering approximately 2/3rd landscape area of Peru, the Amazon Jungle is highly dense, vast and a kind of impenetrable region of South America. This bio-diverse place of earth possesses 90 types of micro climates and you will be able to observe the most amazing species of birds in this area.
  1. Patagonia- Argentina and Chile: This remote location of South America entertains approximately 100,000 tourists per year from all countries. Patagonia is most famous among nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, photographers and trekkers.

Looking for a way to enjoy each and every day

Nowadays, people love to travel all around the globe from various nations but they always seek for the pocket friendly option that won’t put too much burden on their financial structure. It is the main reason why Voyages have become first choice of the people for travelling. There are various travelling options but people choose voyages because voyages offer quality time that no other travelling medium can offer. It has also became fashionable way of travelling and all the people around the world use this option for experiencing stunning natural scenes without compromising with the luxury.

Here are top reasons why you should opt for the voyages instead of any other option –

  1. Luxurious alternative – There are various services that you can enjoy on the voyages such as pool, fine dining and many other services. All these services have made this alternative tempting because there is no other travelling medium that could offer all these services while travelling.
  2. Peaceful way to travel – Numerous people want to enjoy their holidays while only travelling and voyages fulfill their requirements thoroughly. It is the most comfortable and affordable way of travelling because you don’t have to share your personal space with other people.
  3. Enjoy your time – If you are seeking way to enjoy quality services and time then you must experience the voyage journey. You will be amazed with the services that are offered by the various voyage companies. It is becoming more and more popular because you can enjoy the fantastic natural view of sea while travelling to your destination at the same time.
  4. Competitive pricing – It is very important that medium for travelling that you are choosing should be affordable. If you compare the prices of travelling via voyages with the other alternatives, then you will find that it is very pocket friendly way. You can also reduce the burden significantly on your pocket by comparing the prices of various voyage companies and finding the best deal that suits your budget. That way, you can get away for just about the same price as it would cost you to remove trees from your front yard.
  5. World class services – There is no denying that all voyages companies are offering world class services to their client and if you have any doubt then you should also travel through a voyage for having lifetime experience. There are numerous people that like high quality luxurious services while travelling and voyages fulfill all your needs, so you can enjoy your travel.
  6. Enjoy Natural beauty – There are remarkable views that you can only enjoy by travelling through the voyages. Have you ever experienced sunrise or sunset from the deep blue ocean. If not then you should witness these awesome moment that you might never seen before in this fashion. You can also enjoy marine life that will make your journey exciting and memorable.

Hence, there is no other way better than travelling via voyages because it gives you all the necessary services that people want to enjoy on their holidays. It is also very trendy way to travel as most of the people wants pleasurable experience while travelling.

Islands, inlets, and isolated pockets of perfection

South America is a feast for vacationers across the world and cruising in this continent would take you to some of the most dramatically diverse locales of the planet. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the most stunning cruising destinations of the continent.

Galapagos Islands: The Galapagos Island along its surrounding waters is famous for its large number of endemic species like giant tortoises, albatrosses, iguanas, sea lions, frigate birds and many more. Thousand kilometres off the coast of South America this archipelago originated from the peaks of the enormous submarine volcanoes which never made its appearance on the mainland. Over thousands of years numerous species of flora and fauna continued to thrive in this unthreatened environment. A visit to the Galapagos Island would enable you to observe the wildlife of these enchanted isles right up close. Galapagos consist of two main towns Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz and Puerto Baquerzo on San Cristobal. The two airports are located in these two towns from where the visitors can choose a vessel to cruise around the islands. If you are not up for a cruise then you can also enjoy a hotel based stay in the town and we assure you that there would be no dearth of excitement and adventure.


A trip to Patagonia would give travellers a chance to visit the last great frontiers of the continent: the fabulous fjords and majestic glaciers of southern Patagonia and the stunning landscape of Torres Del Paine. One needs to take a flight to Ushuaia the southernmost urban centre of the planet and then go for a cruise across the Patagonian channels.

Torres Del Paine National Park: From Puerto Natales the visitor needs to cruise up the fjords and reach the majestic Mt. Balmaceda. Enjoy the sight of the hanging glaciers spilling down the fjords and hike up to take a close look at the Serrano Glacier which flows into a lake full of ice bergs.  Cruising down the Serrano River will take you to the Bernardo O Higgins National Park and from there to the Torres del Paine National Park after crossing the beautiful Tyndall glacier. One can find nice places to stay at the Torres del Paine with pretty houses right next to the Serrano river and with an amazing view of the Pampas.

The Torres del Paine is open all round the year but the ideal time to visit is between October to March. Most visitors go for the W trek route which is the most popular trekking route named after the shape of the trail, where you will likely come across a number of overgrown trees and fallen branches. This 3 day trek would take you through all the highlights of the park including the Glacier Grey, Refugio Pehoe, Valle del Frances, Hosteria las Torres and the large rock formations of the Torres del Paine. The Glacier Grey is a huge glacier which flows into the Lake Grey. One can choose to camp right next to the Refugio Grey. The Refugio Pehoe offers an excellent view of the rock formations of Torres del Paine. The Valle de Frances or Frenchman’s Valley offers some of the best views of the park and if one follows the trail he would reach a dead end from where numerous glaciers can be seen. The Hosteria del Torres is a huge hotel near the base of the mountain.

Taking A South American Voyage To Land Of Diversity

The continent of South America has been traveled to since Christopher Columbus and other early explorers discovered it. This diverse continent really offers every kind of landscape imaginable. It is no wonder people are interested in taking a voyage to this beautiful part of the world.

The best voyages you can take to get here are by plane with major airlines offering more and more flights mostly to the larger cities. The other major voyage is by sea with a cruise line. This really is the real definition of a voyage meaning a long journey to a faraway place.

Cruise Lines are one the best way to see South America as most of the big cities and amenities lie on the coastal regions of South America. Now the one problem with taking a ship voyage to South America is the distance it is from other continents. So the best thing to do is set sail from Miami or other close by seaport.

Some of the cruise lines that voyage to South America are Princess, Royal Caribbean and Holland America. Any of these cruise lines offer reasonable time voyages to South America. The length of times can vary from twelve to sixty-eight days. Now you can travel by boat from other countries if you are looking for a longer cruise time. A lot of these cruises will stop in other places on the trip as well which is a good benefit.

Because the Caribbean is just above South America it can also be good to see some of this area on your cruise also. With your voyage you will see a lot of the coastline of South America but if you want to voyage across into some of the interior regions you will have to go by bus or car rental. Or you even use your own car to go on the adventure and then make the drive all the way back up north into the United States, possibly making your way back up through Houston, TX.

Your voyage won’t be complete if you can’t see all the diversity this country has to offer from Colonial towns, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River which flows through various regions along with all the primitive sites including the Incas.

There is so much to see on this continent from glaciers to deserts and all the wildlife and the biodiversity. The area is surrounded by the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean waters making a prime location for some of the best beaches in the world. Brazil is known for its beaches the world over. The resort city of Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches, carnivals and flowers along with its mountain top views. Rio is also known for its big party scene along with great music.

With so much to choose from your voyage to South America will never be boring. From great nightlife to breathtaking scenery it really seems to offer everything. South America seems like a great place to take a voyage.